Walk into any given gym and it is full of untold stories. Hundreds of different reasons as to why they decide to sweat it out at the gym. With Sweatbox Stories our goal is to share these successes with you and highlight all the personal growth that comes along with the inspirational physical transformations.

After High School, Sara Vajda came to the realization that she needed to start taking care of herself and started making small changes towards being more active and eating healthier. It wasn’t until three years ago when she first stepped into a boxing gym, not because she wanted to become a pro-boxer but because of her dislike for traditional cardio. All it took was her hearing that boxing was a fun way to get her cardio in and she was all for it and just one look at Sara’s Before and After picture for you to see that hard work ALWAYS pays off.

Before and After Sweatbox

Ever since signing up for her first boxing class, Sara has not only transformed her body but she took that drive a step further and now has five amateur boxing fights under her belt. Talking about how much mentally stronger boxing has made her, Sara confesses she never thought she would have the courage to step into a ring. “I feel like you can learn a lot about yourself in those 6-9 minutes in the ring. You need to have a lot of heart for the sport. You have to keep pushing even when you feel like you can’t.” Sara says.


As with everything in life, she explains that consistency and patience are key and that change doesn’t happen overnight. Sara adds that “It’s a process. Don’t jump into crazy diets. Listen to your body and make healthy living your lifestyle. And meal prep!!”


Might seem a bit ironic but ask boxing gym members and most will agree that there’s a sense of community that you can’t find in other gyms. Sara admits that a good workout can be had anywhere but at Sweatbox Brooklyn, “I found a community that’s truly supportive and I am so thankful to call the trainers and fighters my friends. Not to sound cheesy but it’s a place I can call home. I came to the States by myself. All my family and friends are back home so this is actually more important to me than the workout.” Sara explains.