It feels good to be fit and active now. My attitude towards everything is much more positive.

7 months, 72 pounds down. All transformation stories are motivational but some Before and After fitness transformations, like Richard Montiel’s, show you how true commitment and drive can take you to a whole other level.

It was in November of 2018 when Richard truly accepted that he wasn’t happy with himself and his appearance. One random morning he woke up and realized that if he would just stop making excuses for himself, he could get in shape. “I did my research and found Sweatbox. Walked upstairs, talked to David (Manager), and haven’t looked back since”.

In just 7 months, since getting into boxing, Richard has managed to lose 72 pounds! This goes to prove that when you truly want something for yourself, you will find a way to make it happen. Fewer excuses, more action. That’s what it’s all about.


Apart from the physical changes, Richard highlights how much his weight-loss has changed him emotionally. He’s learned to appreciate life and his well-being in a new way. He’s become a much more positive person and admits that when he feels he’s falling back into his old habits, he hits the heavy bag for as long as he needs until he feels better. “I’m too tired to be mad. I use my anger in a constructive way. Boxing isn’t just physically good, it’s been mentally good for me.”


Richard now strongly lives by the belief that it’s not that you can’t do it, it’s just that you won’t do it. “When you make excuses and justify every little thing, it hinders you to be successful. Once you get past that concept, things start to make more sense. Ultimately, it’s you against you.” He adds that the amount of support he’s gotten from people around him continues to motivate him even more.


If you’re done with making excuses for yourself and are looking to lose weight, become more fit and/or learn how to defend yourself, stop by Sweatbox Brooklyn. First class is always free!

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