Discovering boxing at the age of 15, Jason Castañon found something that entertained him and distracted him from getting into trouble. Just two years later, with his father leaving to Mexico, he lost his boxer’s drive and soon enough found himself out of school and getting into trouble.

He gained weight, was in an unhealthy relationship and found himself depressed. Even with all the negativity surrounding him and before he decided to put on a pair of boxing gloves again, he knew it was only a matter of time before he would be back. One random day, out of the dark place where he found himself, he finally stepped back into his passion at the original Sweatbox.

Before and After


With Mexican and Puerto Rican roots, it’s no surprise that boxing has become a lifestyle for Jason. He’s not only an amateur boxer who made it to the semi-finals at the 2019 Ring Masters Tournament but he’s also a boxing coach at Sweatbox Brooklyn where members love him for his charismatic personality.

He admits boxing is a tough sport but even if you’re just looking to get in shape with something more dynamic than traditional cardio, he highly recommends it. If you need more motivation to give boxing a try for yourself, just take another look at Jason’s Before and After picture.