“Getting my hand raised in victory was the best feeling in the world.” -Chris Goerz

The best transformation stories go beyond much more than just the physical changes. Chris  has been into fitness for as long as he can remember but with weight lifting getting a little boring, in 2017 he decided to finally try out boxing which was something he had always wanted to do.

Sweatbox Brooklyn

Stepping into Sweatbox Brooklyn, Chris says he was instantly hooked. “I love that gym. They made me feel like I was part of a family, instantly, and it still feels like that to this day. It’s the same feeling with the other members. We are all there to help each other and learn together. Like a team! I wave the Sweatbox flag very high ’cause it changed my life.”


Signing up for the Bronx Smokers, where NYPD and DSNY challenge each other and leave it all in the ring, was the easy part. Chris was stepping into the ring for his first fight at 48 years old and with his original opponent dropping out a week before, he would now be facing a man 17 years younger and 30 pounds heavier. The nerves were real but the confidence his coaches, Frank and Argenis, had in him motivated him to keep going. “I knew I was ready, even when the anxiety and self-doubt were trying to kick in”, he says.

Walking out of the tunnel into the ring, Chris explains, was such a surreal experience. Three thousand people screaming and all he could hear was his corner man. Letting his nerves control him a bit in the first round, he got away from the original game plan a bit. Once the second round bell rung though, it was a different story. He stuck to the plan and was able to not just knock his opponent down two times but also walk away with an unanimous decision win. “Getting my hand raised in victory was the best feeling in the world.”, Chris says.Sweatbox Brooklyn transformations


The greatest life lesson Chris has obtained with boxing is that, “no matter how you are, if you work hard, anything is possible!”


If you’re done with making excuses for yourself and are looking to lose weight, learn how to defend yourself, or even step into the ring for your first fight, stop by Sweatbox Brooklyn. First class is always free!

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