Boxing teaches you what to fight for in life. -Peter Quillin

After December 5, 2015, it’s hard to talk about Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin, in the boxing world, without referencing his loss to Daniel Jacobs. Quillin admits he had lost before he even stepped into the ring. “I wasn’t training to win. I was training to make weight.” He opens up about the dark place he was in after that fight but highlights that the experience led him to truly understanding that God was present for him in all of the stages in his life, even in his struggles. “With God, I released the fear of losing. Not as an excuse but (as) a belief that everything is predestined.”

Former World Champions, Quillin and Caleb “Golden” Truax prepare to go toe-to-toe on April 13th. As for Kid Chocolate’s training, he’s been focused on going #AnimalStatus every day and adds that he couldn’t be more pleased than with his coach, Aureliano Sosa, guiding him there. Sosa’s fighter spirit is something Quillin says he truly values and being able to train while not having to leave his family has been everything to him.

Peter Quillin

As a father of three, since having his second daughter just days before his approaching fight, Quillin talks about the constant thought regarding the possibility of one of his children telling him they want to follow in his boxing footsteps. “My circumstances shaped me into this. -I would tell him- You know son, I boxed and waited off having you and your sisters so you wouldn’t have to come up with the same struggles. My life led me here.” Reiterating that he’s done all he’s done so that his children don’t have to live the life he did, he adds that he would support their dreams if this was the path they felt they were meant for.

Boxing is clearly not an easy path to follow but talk to any boxer and they can easily give you a list of life lessons learned from the sweet science. For Quillin, “boxing teaches you what to fight for in life. If, like me, you grew up on welfare then it should teach you to fight to not have to be on welfare one day. My biggest lesson in boxing has been on how to take all the negative, fight against it, and turn it into a positive.”

Kid Chocolate

Regardless of how sweet his name might be, Kid Chocolate never had it easy. At just 18 years old, he held down three jobs while also working to make his boxing dreams come true. A simple but powerful piece of advice he would give kids who look up to him is to always remember that “nothing comes easy. Nothing worth having is easy.”

April 13th is looking to be an exciting night for boxing and Peter Quillin is more than ready to go #AnimalStatus and remind everybody what he’s all about.