On Sweatbox Brooklyn’s Instagram account, we ran a poll on who would win between Joshua and Ruiz. Not surprisingly, Joshua obtained 63% while Ruiz was the clear underdog with only 37% believing in his fire. I certainly don’t think that 37% believed that Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1-0, 22KOs) was going to become the new and first Mexican Heavyweight Champion the way he did!


In Round 3, the previously undefeated Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21KOs) put Ruiz down to the mat having commentators and fans expecting a quick finish. Just 30 seconds later, Ruiz caught the Champ with a left hook dropping him to the mat. As if that wasn’t enough, he knocked him down again right before the round ended with Joshua standing up at count 8 and then being saved by the bell.


Although the two continued to exchange punches and Joshua even had some good moments, Joshua never again looked as steady or confident in himself. After being knocked down twice more in Round 7 and still managing to stand, it was an easy call for referee Michael Griffin to stop the fight.


Many fans are considering Joshua v. Ruiz the fight of the year, so far. This fight was an upset. To say the least. We can all agree that physical appearance means nothing when it comes to fighting and Ruiz proved that and more on Saturday night as he became the new Heavyweight Champion versus Joshua who was supposed to have an easy win as he made his United States debut.

This fight also marked a huge disappointment to Big Baby Miller who lost his chance at being the first to get a win over Joshua, after failing three drug tests before the anticipated June 1st fight.


Andy Ruiz Jr. is 29 years old, born in California to Mexican parents becoming the first Male Mexican Heavyweight Champion. After the fight, Ruiz said “I wanted to prove everybody wrong, all the doubters thinking I was going to lose. I can’t believe I just made my dreams come true.”

At 6ft. 6 in. and 247 pounds many joked on his big belly and lack of muscle definition. Still, he was fit enough to knock Joshua down four times and win the biggest fight of his life, to date.


There was a clause in the contract, one that wasn’t expected to be activated, giving Joshua the right to a rematch in case of loss. Joshua is still considered the favorite to win but with much lower odds. That’s a fight we will have to wait to see because if it does happen, Ruiz will most likely walk in with the confidence he stepped out of that ring with while Joshua might step in with the same lack of confidence he left Madison Square Garden with.

No other sport where an athlete’s self-confidence is tested as much as a boxer. Once they step into that ring there is no one to help them. When they lose, they lose on their own. Losses like these tend to affect fighters much more psychologically than physically. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Anthony Joshua steps back into the ring with and see where Andy Ruiz goes on to from here.