Stepping into the ring for his first fight at 8 years old, undefeated welterweight prospect, Julian Sosa (13-0-1, 5 KOs) is showing more and more with each fight what he’s really all about.

Sosa isn’t your typical 23 year old. Between training camp, school, working on his music and being a coach himself at Sweatbox Brooklyn, his plate is full and he would have it no other way. When asked about how he manages everything, he let off a small laugh and confessed, “yeah, it’s very difficult. I’m not gonna lie but I rather have a lot on my plate and keep myself busy then have nothing at all and get distracted easily. I enjoy everything that I’m doing. I believe that’s the main (incentive) that keeps me going.”


Sunsets Own Julian Sosa

Having your father as your boxing coach might be too much for some to handle. For Sosa, on the other hand, he describes having his father Aureliano Sosa, an ex professional boxer himself, on his corner as a blessing. It’s not always smooth sailing as he adds that the hardest challenge is sometimes separating the Father-Son role and solely focusing on Coach-Fighter relationship.


This upcoming Saturday, August 3rd, Sosa will be getting back in the ring, this time against Brian Jones. “Get ready for (probably) the most challenging fight in my career, up to date. Brian Jones is a very crafty fighter. He knows what he’s doing and he’s coming to fight. He’s gonna be there to win.”, Sosa said. He adds that he feels great with the work being put in at training camp and confident he will walk away with the win.

Julian Sosa      Julian Sosa


“In 5 years, I would just like… to be, you know… happy. That’s mainly it. Happy.” He goes on to explain that he’s not too worried about the path he will end up following. Whether it’s boxing, music or school, his main concern is leading a life that brings him true happiness.

In an ideal world, though, in five years he sees himself as a World Champion, known at least nationally for his music and on his way to obtaining his Masters in Audio Engineer. “I want to give my family the world. They deserve it and I know I’m gonna give it to them. All I can do is speak it to existence and that’s something I’m going to do in five years.”, he says.


Proud to be a part of the neighborhood which has seen him grow up, Sosa always makes sure to shout out Sunset Park. Even his Instagram name is @sunsetsown. The neighborhood is always ready to support him and at his fights you can feel the love! To get your own tickets for Saturday, August 3rd, just head over to Sweatbox Brooklyn at 229 46th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220.