Another eventful boxing weekend wrapped up as Terrence Crawford (35-0, 26 KOs) remains victorious with a TKO win against Amir Khan (33-5, 20 KOs).

Many fans were confused and disappointed when the fight came to an end after an accidental low blow by Crawford to Khan in the sixth round. A lot of observers felt Khan just took the moment to quit but wanting to clear the situation, he explained, “I was hit below the belt and I can feel it in my stomach and I can’t continue. I have never been hit below the belt before. I’m a warrior [but] I could feel it in my stomach. My legs kind of seized. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t continue. I’m not one to give up in any fight. I’ll fight to the end and you have to knock me out in any fight. I’m not one of those fighters [who gives up].”

As for Crawford, he’s already thinking of his next fight, clearly calling out Errol Spence as who he wants to fight next. “Whenever he is ready, he can come and get it. I can’t put a gun to the promoter’s heads to make them make the fight. The only thing I can do is continue fighting every person they put in front of me.”, Crawford said.


One of Brooklyn’s own, Frank Galarza (20-3-2, 12 KOs), stepped into the ring against Carlos Adames (17-0, 14 KOs) and although he came up short and added another loss to his record, his fans have continued to show love and support.

Dropping Galarza with a left hook in the fourth round, Adames focused on pouring the pressure and after repeated shots with Galarza not fighting back, referee Benjy Esteves Jr. stepped in to stop the fight.


Middleweight prospect Edgar Berlanga’s record now stands at 10-0, 10 KOs thanks to impressively ending the fight in the first round against Samir Barbosa (37-16, 26 KOs). 21-year-old Berlanga, from Brooklyn, has obvious power and is somebody to watch as he continues to do his thing in the boxing world.


Danny Garcia (34-2, 20 KOs) did exactly what he needed to do to re-enter the welterweight boxing picture by winning by TKO in the seventh round against Adrian Granado (20-6-2, 14 KOs). “I hope I didn’t scare Manny Pacquiao away,” Garcia said in the ring after the win. “I’d love a rematch with Shawn Porter or Keith Thurman, or a fight with Errol Spence Jr. I’m back.” Garcia added that this is the Garcia you will see for the rest of his boxing history.