The benefits of boxing are endless. If you’re looking to lose weight, improve your health or looking to learn something new while reaching your fitness goals, you should consider signing up for a membership at your local boxing gym. Here are the top five benefits of boxing workouts.


We can never learn too much about self-defense and the truth is a lot of us don’t actually know much on defending ourselves if the situation presented itself. Boxing not only boosts your confidence but also gives you the tools necessary to defend yourself if you ever find yourself in danger.


The main benefit that you will initially see after starting boxing lessons is weight-loss. We know the traditional methods of using the treadmill and elliptical to shed pounds works but we have got to admit that spending 30 minutes, or more, moving in the same spot is plain boring! Not only does the time drag but since you control the speed, you can really just be wasting your time while not even building up a sweat. The intense cardio you will obtain from boxing will not only help you lose fat fast but since it’s always changing, there’s not much space for you to get bored.


One of the biggest complaints when people lose weight, especially when it’s on the higher side, is the lack of definition. Losing weight is great but the lack of muscle not so much. With boxing, this is one of the greatest physical benefits. You build muscle while losing fat which should be your goal to having a better body composition.


If you haven’t punched something to release some stress, you’re missing out! Nothing quite as liberating as sweating it out, releasing some endorphins and getting that stress out on a heavy bag. Studies have shown that boxing significantly reduces anxiety and depression while inducing tranquility.


One of the biggest misconceptions, until you do it yourself, is that you will only be using your upper body. Making contact with a heavy bag or target will actually also require your lower body and core to engage. Many boxing gyms, like Sweatbox Brooklyn, also incorporate other strength training moves because of the understanding of the importance of having total body strength in boxing. Squats, push-up, planks, burpees, jump-rope and weighted medicine ball exercises are just a few of the components in a total boxing circuit.